So today I actually felt up to, kinda, doing these intervals or whatever you want to call it of 1 min jumping jacks, 1 min squats, and 1 min of jump rope for 4 sets…for the mathletes out there, that is 12 minutes of fury.

To tell you the truth, jumping jacks seemed a lot easier when I was younger. Jumping jacks actually hurt my feet. I think that might have something to do with the fact that I was doing them on tile without shoes on. I didn’t want to put shoes on because well…ummm I’m not really sure. The worst part about it is that all of my giggly bits were just flopping and flailing all over the place and made breathing uncomfortable/difficult because of the additional unwanted movement! I told the wife that I was going out in the garage to do this and she was like okay…and I was like yeah I’m going to be a sweaty mess when I come out…and I was!

I like getting my sweat on. It makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. After doing the intervals of doom (even if they’re not intervals, I’ll call them that :)) I got in the car and drove to the pool. The pool is pretty cool, it is about 15 minutes away by car, but when the days get a little longer, I think I’ll be riding my bike down there. I’ll have to scope out some places to lock up Lacie though. I hopped in the pool and probably swam about 600-ish yards and then I came home. I worked on some stroke drills like the finger tip drag, the one armed butterfly, and alternating my breathing for various amounts of strokes.

Today was a pretty good day for a working out. I saw a guy at the pool that I work with and he’s doing the “biggest loser” contest that is being held by the company and we got to talking and it turns out that he was a swimmer back in the day. He’s going through his own process of trying to drop weight, and I feel like we could be beneficial to one another. Having accountability to another person is also a great motivator.

For those who don’t know, tomorrow is my birthday. Today I got a gift card to Performance Bike from the mother in law! Woot woot, now I have some cashola to buy some stuffs for Lacie. The wife is awesome and got me two blu-ray movies (The Blindside and We Are Marshall) and a really funny card :). She really knows me well and knows that I like football movies a bunch! I am a sucker for underdog football movies. I even cried during Friday Night Lights (the movie not the show).

I’ll be one year closer to 30 tomorrow and there is so much that I want to accomplish personally and professionally. I don’t think I’m having a 1/3 (third) life crisis or anything, but as you get older you get to thinking about what you could have done, should have done, and what you want to still do in the future.

Realize your dreams…make them your new reality!


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