After yesterday’s freak snow stuff that happened, Lacie and myself set out on an adventure.

Weather Conditions:
temp mid 60s
wind light breeze up to 8ish mph (just a guess)
sunny with few sparse clouds in the sky

LIGHT…just how I like it!

I headed out on AZ SR 90 and then turned onto AZ SR 82 going toward Tombstone (the town that never dies…shootout at the O.K. Corral…all that). The ride was probably my best feeling ride that I have had. I was cruising along minding my own just enjoying the scenery. I didn’t take any pictures, which I regret, but it was good to be outdoors.

I find myself wanting to be out more and more because being on the computer at home after a day of working with computers is kind of a drag. Feeling the sun on my face and wind wisping over my body just feels amazing! There is something to be said riding and how it makes you feel. Being alone on the road is kind of freeing and takes my mind off of the day’s drama or whatever else. It can also be a place to think. It is really easy to get caught up with the day-to-day hullabaloo and run out of time for your brain to rest or process things.

There weren’t too many hills, but I’d take a hill any day over winds! It seems that the winds will never end, but the climbs always will. You get to enjoy the descent, which is a payoff, when climbing hills!

So today I hit a milestone. I broke 100 miles on Lacie. I actually believe that I hit it earlier than this, but at one point my bike computer stopped working and tracking my miles which makes me sad :(. I am proud of this achievement and look forward to putting more miles on these wheels!

Trip Distance – 17.79 mi
Trip Time – 1:13:35
Avg Speed – 14.51
Avg Cadence – 78
Max Speed – 26.33

I think that I am actually going to leave today’s exercise with just riding the bike. I’m still sore from yesterday’s walk/run and I just feel like I need to recover some. Maybe tomorrow will be swimming. I haven’t done that in over a week, and I want some pool time.

Update on the weightloss… to date, since my tracking, I am down 8 lbs. If I weren’t a bad boy while in Phoenix, it would have been even more. I want to keep progressing, and hopefully I WILL!


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