I’ve been MIA for a while now but still keeping with my fitness.

I’ve found that people are a peculiar breed that tend to need some sort of routine to feel normal. I guess that I am no exception to life in that aspect. I thrive off of my routine. I wake up eat, get ready go to work, work, go to gym/workout, come home, shower eat, sleep (lots more eating during work hours). Generally there are specific times that I want to do all of those activities. If my schedule is augmented with some sort of other daily activity, like a training class that starts at a different time, generally throws my day and my attitude for a loop.

My routine is my comfort zone and my schedule helps keep me where I want to be. Planning is key to the majority of successes that I’ve had. Thinking about the future, I need to make different plans to see strength and performance gains.

Recently I participated in a mountain bike race race and a duathlon. Both events were awesome, and I had good results in both. I keep thinking back to both days and how it made me feel. The exhilaration of doing your best and knowing that all of the hard work and training that was done meant something.

I was inspired after I participated in the duathlon to actually attempt to take things to the next level and participate in a triathlon. That, after all, is the natural progression of things right? Inspiration generally means spending $ for equipment in the multisport world whether it be a new bike, running shoes, or swimming equipment. I bought some swimming equipment (paddles, pull buoy, kickboard) on a hookup from a triathlete buddy Audra with a discount code to Kompetitive Edge. Nothing bad to say about K E, all things were normal as far as shipping speed and charging my card. One thing that surprised me was that there was a “Thank You” card. Refreshing and awesome is all I can say about that!

One oversight that I made while making my purchases was a swimsuit (LAME). None of the ones that I have currently fit which isn’t incredibly horrible. I guess I’ll have to get another because going to the local pool with ill fitting swimwear is a no-no! Lycra hotness coming to a pool near you!

Hope to post more and not slack on this side of my journey!

Make plans, achieve progress, and keep your focus.


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