For those who don’t know, I am starting a new eating regime this year (or for as long as I can).

I am going to attempt to eat Paleo or as Paleo as I can. For those of you who don’t know what it is, the diet basically allows for eating meat (lean cuts), fruits, veggies, fish, healthy oils, and nuts. Basically if you can’t pick it, kill it, or catch it they are a no no. The carbs you get are to come from fruits and veggies not from processed foods, sugars, rice, and other stuff that I like. If I am forgetting anything it is because I am getting ready to leave.

There are a couple things that I should address. Paleo generally calls for all organic…etc well I am not there yet and might not ever get there depending on cost. I like A1 sauce and I do a post workout protein shake which isn’t going either.

I was introduced to Paleo by lurking on the Nerdfitness community forums. They have a lot of people that have had a lot of success with Paleo and their muscle building goals coupled with fat loss so I decided to give it a shot.

Okay enough rambling…on to the list.

Shopping List:
Almonds unsalted
Pistachios unsalted
Green beans
Dried fruit
Coconut oil
A1 Sauce

Ziplock sandwich bags
Dog food

I can’t eat ziplock bags or dog food but I don’t want to take them out.

Everyone has an opinion when you try something new, and I put it out there for everyone to see so I have to live with the negative comments and positive alike.

Wish me the best of luck and hope your fitness journey is as successful as mine has been.

Maybe I’ll post some of the recipes and pictures when I get my cookbook that I ordered.

Have a good one!


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