So it is coming up on that time of year where people start to make up their minds that in 2012 they will make big changes and big things happen.

One of the most popular resolutions is “I’m going to lose _____ lbs!” That is a fantastic undertaking for anyone to notice that they are not happy with their bodies and want to make changes.

A byproduct of all of this new year enthusiasm are an influx of people occupying the gym or fitness facilities that we all like to use. While it is great to see people in there, there will be a crazy amount of congestion that will be frustrating because a workout that took you 30-45 minutes to complete before will take you that much longer. I know…whaaaaaa! Things will normalize after a month or two in the new year and you will possibly have some new gym buddies to get inspiration from and inspire (horray for the positive!).

If I can give you any advice about weight loss and becoming more healthy, it would be to NOT WAIT. What is stopping you from setting and achieving your goals in the here and now? The journey can be a long and frustrating one when you’re trying to get to where you want to be. If you start now, you’ll have a head start on progress on all gym newbies and you may be able to impart some knowledge onto someone else about what helped you.

Going into the new year just try to set attainable goals or even rewards along the way. It will help you gauge your progress and help stay motivated!

Instead of being a PROcrastinator become an ANTIcrastinator!

If you never start, you will never see results!


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