Okay so today was a fantastic day for me and weight loss. I am at the lowest weight I have been as an adult and probably less than what I weighed in high school and some of middle school.

I have never stepped on the scale and had it say anything that ever started with a 1…I’ve been 2xx and 3xx before, but the scale said 199.4. I was like…what is this about? I checked it again like 3 or 4 times and it was the same. This puts me down 91 lbs since February when I began this journey and I have to say it feels good!

I wonder what new lows I can go to now. The past 3-4 weeks has been up to 206-207 then back down to 201-202 then back up then down then up then down!!! I have been yo-yoing and that is crazy frustrating. I guess I finally figured it out!

In the future the focus will be on strength and muscle building and getting my body fat % down to a lower level than it is now :).

I would also like to say that I made it through the Thanksgiving holiday by not gaining any weight and actually losing. Holidays where there are bad food choices running rampant makes for an easy way to pack on the pounds. The wife made an awesome dinner that was sensible and tasty!

Physicality is contagious…Pick your pleasurable experience whether it be hiking, biking, running, zumba, yoga, walking or whatever it is. The most important part about physical activity is that you actually enjoy what you do. It may not be easy at first, but the more you do it the easier it will become so challenge yourself to go to that next level.

Get up off the couch, turn off the TV, and go do something. You’ll thank yourself for it!

Don’t just exist…LIVE!


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