So yesterday I embarked on a journey that I had done before. This was the Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb.

It is a stair climb that navigates 9 stair cases, 1034 stairs, and 4.2 – 4.4ish miles (depending on how you’re tracking) and not really a 5k like the website states.

Essentially a week prior to doing the stair climb, I did a recon lap of the course solo and had a gamut of issues. I got lost several times, I had some stomach issues, my legs felt weak, and I really felt like I wouldn’t be able to top my previous year’s climb due to the problems that I had. Even with all the lostness and other problems, I figured that I would be able to finish in 1hr 15mins. That would be a pretty good pace, for me, and would allow for some walking if necessary.

A little background about some of the participants in this event who finish in the top 5 range anywhere from 30-35ish minutes. That is a pretty quick pace, and I knew that it wasn’t destined for me to get times that low. All I could do is hope and do my best to see what sort of time I would get on the big day.

So on the day of the climb I had some issues. I was just getting parked when a local business owner came by and asked me if I would give up my spot so that he would be able to park his van there and have signs for advertising posted. I was like yeah OK because this guy was nice and I actually had eaten at his restaurant the day of my recon run. He told me he had just left a spot in the dirt lot and I should be able to park there because he just had left. Well it turns out that I actually saw people who had parked in the spot that was supposed to be mine. Being a nice guy got me to have to find a new parking spot. Turns out that I had to drive waaaaay to the other side of Old Bisbee to park which was an extra .75-1 miles from the start and registration.

I park the car lock up and then go down and register. After registration I meet up with the wife and she asks me where the bag with the dog food, water, and my Carbo Rocket is…and I was like POOPITY POOP POP! I left it in the car. Now I have to go back to the car get the bag. I make the trek to get the bag pick it up, lock up the car again, and then I am off back down to the starting area. I made it back to the starting area with about 10 minutes left before the start. The bad news was is that now I had to pee…and not just a little bit. I was drinking my drink on the walk to the start and just happens that it pushed my bladder to the brink of explosionary pee pee time!

The line at the port-a-potties was really log and it took about 8 or so minutes for me to get in and done and back down to the start. I awaited on the side of the corrals to get ready for my phase to start. I enter the corral with my phase (actually started early…but whatever) turned my watch to the stopwatch setting and proceeded to pass over the timing mat. I pressed start and it didn’t do anything, so now I had to make a decision…do I figgle with it while I’m running in the beginning or do I just say Eff (that is French for a bad word) it and just go. I chose to go!

I passed a bunch of folks initially and then I looked down at my watch and adjusted it to the regular time and guesstimated how long I had been running (two minutes), and I based my timing on that then proceeded to the first set of stairs. As usual with things like this there are lines so you have to deal with the people that are faster and slower than you on the stairs. I knew what to expect from here on out because of the recon run I did the week before. I finish stair sets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 then onto 7. Stair case 7 is on this weird road called Perely and goes up this pretty steep grade so I walked up it as well as some walking prior just to catch my wind after some of the other cases. I go up and up and up and then I get to the top. SWEET…I’m thinking to myself I only have two sets of stairs left. I am under an hour time wise and think that I am within timing to actually do better than my expected 1hr 15 mins. I wind down the hill past the courthouse and pass my wife for the second time and she cheers me on (thanks babe!) I kick it up another notch to see if I could actually get in under an hour.

I get to stair case 8 with some time to spare and then I begin my climb. It seemed like this one would never end!..but it did thankfully. Turned a few street corners and then made my way to stair case 9. I go up that one and then make a mad dash for the finish. I cross the line and it said that I finished in 1:02:some amount of seconds. Good news is that it was more than 2 minutes between the official start and when my wave went over the timing mat. I talked with my wife and she confirmed that I had definitely made it in under an hour and even got extra confirmation from a friend.

I had set my expectations at 1hr 15mins and far exceeded what I thought was possible for me to do! Sub 1 hour Bisbee 1000 run. It felt pretty great and it was awesome to share that moment with my wife even though she missed me coming across the finish line because she wasn’t expecting me so soon. I can take that as a compliment :)!

Oh…I know my friend Jaime loves medals and I actually got one, unlike last year, and it is pretty sexy looking I think!

Me stretching…Do my arms go back abnormally far?
















This is a picture of me coming down past next to the finish to go stair set 8 then to 9 and finish…












Here is the medal…















Overall I would say that the Bisbee 1000 was a success for me! Glad the wife came to cheer me on and spent some good time with some good friends!

This definitely piques my interest in more traditional running races 5 & 10k maybe even a half marathon. Hopefully I’ll follow through on those interests. I may even register for the Spartan Race in Phoenix in February. That is an adventure race type and should be cool!

Remember that only you can hold yourself back from progress. You can point fingers all day long, but you have to be accountable for your health, your life, and your decisions!


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