I just wanted to take some time out of my day to wish my mother a happy birthday.

I can’t call her up, send her an email, or give her a birthday card. All I have are memories and wishes that she were still on this earth to celebrate another year of life.

A little over two years ago she was taken from this world by cancer. We found out and not too many months later we had to say goodbye. It changed me as a man and made me realize that life is precious and not to be taken lightly. After my mother’s passing, I did what most people do is just deny what had happened, then accepted, and then I finally started to heal. I felt a huge amount of regret because I didn’t visit her as much as I should when I had the chance, didn’t say I love you as much as I should, or maybe I didn’t pray hard or nearly frequent enough to stop what happened from happening.

Healing is an up and down travel for me because some days I feel fine and then others I won’t know what to do with myself. Sometimes I feel like I’ll forget and I NEVER want to forget. So as I sit here not really being able to see the screen on the laptop because I’m fighting back tears, I just want the world to know what you meant to me. I love and miss you more than my simple words can say.

Always remember…never forget.

You shaped me into the man that I am and I want to thank you.

Love always,




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  1. Sandy says:

    May she R.I.P. God bless you Michael.

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