Okay so last week I slacked and only went to the gym once in that 7 day period (shoulders & abs). Typically I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and think of it as NO SWEAT (actually a lot of sweat but whatever). Lately I’ve been going on more mountain bike as well as road rides which are great fun.

Lately, the gym just seems like torture to me. I’m up in the gym workin on my fitness with a bunch of stinky, sweaty, meatheadly, grunty, weirdo type dudes.  Here is my dilemma, I know that the gym increases my overall fitness and muscle mass but I’d much rather be out riding.  I get to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with other biker friends, and just have a good time.

Today I MUST go to the gym to get my swoll on. I like the way it makes me look and feel but bah…who am I kidding I don’t even want to go. I’ve been substituting riding instead of going to the gym because it is what I enjoy doing. I guess I need to find that balance again to incorporate more strength to make me better on the bike(s).

I guess I’m just frustrated and a little burned out! Back to heaving the weights I suppose! I guess I do weight training for increased strength, but I do it mostly for vanity. I like muscles on me and I guess I’m a little diva-fied for saying so but it is the truth.




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  1. Sandy says:

    Lol! Go on and get your Swoll on!

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