Been pretty busy the last couple of weeks with a bunch of different stuff.

I got to go to Las Vegas for VMWORLD 2011. I have to say that this was an experience that I will never forget. There were lots of great sessions, presentations, and vendor products! I am glad that this was my first major tech conference because I really enjoy VMware’s offerings for all things virtual. As far as fitness goes while in Vegas, I got a lot of walking in and did some stair climbs and running and push ups one night out of the 5 that I was there. It was a bust as far as exercising goes for me.

The day after I got back from a week at VMWORLD, I had a charity ride in Wilcox called the Magic Circle of Cochise. The proceeds went to the Gale Barton American Legion Scholarship Fund. This was a really nice ride and it gave me an opportunity to get back into the saddle after being gone for a week. It was definitely a good ride with some great scenery. I had the pleasure, well kinda had the pleasure, of having my wife join in on the ride. The reason I say kinda is because the start time for her 33 mile ride was about 30 minutes after the start of my 66 mile ride. The ride left from Keiller Park and went out by the Chiricahua National Monument. I figure that if I get a chance to do that ride again I will take full advantage! Along with that ride, I’ve taken advantage of the local Tuesday night and Thursday night group road rides which all end with FOOD!

I have been trying to delve more and more into the world of mountain biking lately. It is really fun, challenging, and a great workout! I have been going on rides with friends and on rides sponsored by one of the local bike shops Sun N’ Spokes for some needed Mountain Biking 101 type stuff. I have progressed, I think, greatly with my riding. I am riding up and down things that I hadn’t before and just getting a bit more comfortable on the bike! Yesterday I went out to  Willow Springs Ranch for some recon for the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo race because there is a possibility that I may be entering but not 100% sure yet.  It was more of a cross country course with a few technical bits and one rock face with a drop off at the bottom. I didn’t try the rock face but definitely will when I’m back on my bike (in the shop). After we rode the Old Pueblo course, we went and picked up some food and then went to Fantasy Island. FI was REALLY washed out from the recent monsoon rains. It was much different than I remembered it being because of all of the various wash out areas and it was really loose as in the gravely type.  Yesterday made for a really long day because I was up at 4:45 and didn’t get back home until 9:15. I didn’t ride the whole time, but I met up with the wife and had dinner as well.

Some of the upcoming events that I am registered and participating in are the Tour de Tucson and the Bisbee 1000. The Tour de Tucson distance that I chose was 109 miles. I will be riding this with some of the people that ride locally. Hopefully I can finish this distance in a reasonable time. The Bisbee 1000 is a stair climb that I participated in last year and am doing again this year. The goal for this year is to set a personal record by besting my time from last. I am really excited about both events, but more so about the Bisbee 1000 because I have participated and am looking to better my performance. One note about the Tour de Tucson is that I have NEVER ridden that many miles before. It will be challenging and fun…I hope!

Weight loss is still progressing. I am down 75.4 lbs since February of this year. I  can attribute a good amount of this to the cycling and increased activity that I have taken on over the course of the past 7 months, but the majority of the loss can be associated with watching what you eat. I count my calories and track my exercise on My Fitness Pal. It works for me and might for you. Add me on there if you want I suppose.

I am a big in promoting what works for me…that being said I do what works for me and the same might not work for you. I just encourage everyone to get out there and get active! How many hours can you sit there and watch tv, play video games, look at Facebook, or do whatever it is that you’re doing?? Go do something even if it is for only 10 minutes a day. Once you get into a routine, you can build on that and increase it by 5 minutes or more until you’re surprising yourself and other people with what sort of progress you have made. Find your inspiration!


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