Okay…so this morning I came into a whole new category when it comes to my BMI. I am officially out of the OBESE category and into the OVERWEIGHT category. So this is an extremely big deal (I guess) because it has taken months to get to this point. I am proud of me and proud of anyone who is making their journey into a healthier lifestyle.For me to get out of the overweight category and get into the “NORMAL” category for BMI, I would need to still loose 36 lbs and that is a load of weight.

All this proves that you can do it if you try hard and just stick to your guns.

So initially 220 (which is where I weighed in this morning) was my goal weight of sorts, but I guess that isn’t where I want to be. I look in the mirror and I see someone who still needs work. For me to be down at 220 I have lost 70.4 lbs since early February.

So I am sure that I did not coin the term thinspiration, but I think that it is fitting in my situation. Maybe even a better term would be fitspiration eh….that doesn’t sound as good. I am not going through any sort of man-o-rexia episode or early-mid life crisis…I just want to be proud to take my shirt off when I go to the pool.

One of the HUGE drawbacks of dropping weight in a quick amount of time is the extra floppy skin stuff that you get going. I do not like it, but right now that is my reality. My weight is probably okay but my muscle mass isn’t filling in the gaps to tighten up some of this loose skin.

I just want to be a better version of myself. I think I’m going to go from Mike 2.0 (where I am now) to Mike 3.0 if I can help it. Mike 3.0 is going to be the crazy cycling, weight throwing, swimming, running, and just general fool that I have been but on a different level. No new goal weight yet, but I’ll have to consider where I am now and where I want to be.

Find your thinspiration…be fit, healthy, and happy!

Have a great week!


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  1. Hi Mike… I just found your blog! Erika has been telling me about all of the biking you have both been doing. Keep up all of the great work 🙂 You have inspired Jay and I to get moving!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks! I am glad that I can inspire people. It’s good to know that the little that I do gets people motivated.

      I will update the link when I get home! Sorry about the pluralosity!

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