So I think I’ve figured out my ailment or what have you. I think I am addicted to physical activity. It is weird but now that I’m in a groove,  it feels just wrong to not go to the gym, go on a ride, swim, or do something physical. I think this might be my first rest day in 2 weeks (maybe second). I have been feeling great as far as my efforts and performance, but I have been a little sluggish at times especially when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning.

Monday – Friday = weight training in addition to… Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday rides (sometimes more or less rides in a week).

As a quick update to my progress, I am down 63.4 lbs (as of like Wednesday this week) which is pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

I have started to use Shakeology by Beachbody.  A friend at work is a coach with Beachbody and he got me into it. First things first is that there are currently two flavors (chocolate and green berry).  The shakes are supposed to be super healthy for you and taste good too. First things first is that I must complain about the shipping. I didn’t get any super fast shipping, but it got here after the date publicized in the initial shipping information. The chocolate is the flavor that I got and it is pretty yummy. It is pretty simple, you just add 80z of water and combine the powder from the scoop shake it and drink. I typically eat two eggs (over hard) and drink a shake for breakfast. I generally only have one shake per day, but I could see how you might want to have more and more. To be honest, I’m not sure if it is the additional fiber that I’m taking in or what, but the scale says that the Shakeology is helping me lose some weight and that is a good thing!

Just to do some name dropping, my Beachbody coach is Coach Leahy . He is a great guy and really encouraging and has a wealth of knowledge. I recommend if you want to get a great start on your fitness to go and check him out and sign up for him to be your BB coach.

Lately I have been participating on a good bit of group rides.  Last week I did 3 road and 1 mountain, and this week (so far) I have done  2 road with one scheduled for tomorrow (San Pedro Surge) and no firm plan for Sunday as of yet. Two of the road rides that I do are social and paced accordingly. The San Pedro Surge is a local hammerfest on Saturday mornings that features a 50 mile loop. People come from the local “large city” of Tucson to participate in this ride. It is something that can help you develop your group handling, endurance, hill climbing, and mental skills. Last weekend was definitely humbling because the pack got split after about 8 miles into the ride at this fairly steep climb. I maintained pace going up hill, but then at the top (me and a bunch of other folks) got dropped back off of the fast group. I rode a few more miles then I caught up with some folks (or they caught up with me) and we ran in a pace line for like 7-8 miles before it got hilly again. The beauty of a pace line is that you, with the help of others, can really pick up speed. Got to Tombstone and that is where my personal struggle began. First off, I didn’t know the route how I should because I hadn’t ever ridden that way before. I rode for a LONG TIME by myself for about the last 12ish miles in some rolling unfamiliar terrain. All in all I had some pains (probably fit related) and some mental I wanna quit type moments. I finished the ride in 3 hours and like 5 minutes. To top it all off I had a great breakfast after, and enjoyed going over the specifics of the ride afterwards.

I got a new bike jersey!! It is pretty awesome. One side note about the sizing of jerseys is that, depending on the cut, the sizes vary. You can be an XL in one brand or the same brand and be a XXL in another cut of the same or well…you know a little frustrating. On that note, I had some pant trying on experiences about 2 weeks ago that was defeating. I wear mostly Old Navy shorts and jeans and apparently they run BIG in comparison to other brands. That makes me a little mad. I thought I was in one size but I’m in another…totally ruined my day. I actually didn’t get any pants shopping done and I’m going to wait and just swim in my current clothing until I can get into a size that I feel like I should be in.

I was walking by sans clothing and the wife pointed out to me that my booty is going away and then pointed out that I’ve got like a double chin butt. Double chin butt is like an extra cheek due to saggy skin or extra skin or whatever and that made me a little sad. I guess I’ll have to work on my glutes more to perk up my tush.

People tend to ask me what my goal weight is and to be honest every time someone asks me I tell them that “I don’t know.” To this point I can honestly say that I don’t know where I want to be weight wise. I do want to be a more toned individual who can take his shirt off and not feel self conscious or ashamed about what other people might see. It feels like I’ll always be the fat kid because of how I’ve looked at myself for so long. I guess somethings need to be fixed on the inside before you can appreciate what you see on the outside. I have never been one to really set goals as far as personal milestones. Generally if I want something I get it and that is the end of it. I don’t think it keeps me from achieving things in life, it just gives me less long term focus. I want to be a better husband, friend, rider, and that is just a few on my self improvement list. Maybe I should set a goal to set goals!

Flat tires and me have a short but interesting history. I’ve gotten a number of them since I started riding and they are all frustrating. I have decided to transition the juiced up thicker tubes to just traditional thin non-thorn-resistant tubes. I seem to have better luck without all that juice and such inside the tires and the additional weight may actually be making me flat more. I HATE FLATS…just sayin :).

VMWORLD 2011 is something that I have been lusting over for months. It turns out that I will have the chance to go at the end of this month and it will be awesome (I hope). For all of you non tech folks it is a conference that centers around VMware and their product line regarding virtualization. I got the word today that it is official. I will be in Vegas for 4 days at the conference doing my nerd stuffs! Hopefully I’ll get some swag and GET MY NERD ON…speaking of I need to book my travel and such.

Used KT Tape and all I have to say is that this stuff is amazing. I was having some Achilles pain in my right foot and I applied the tape and left it on for 4 days and it helped wonders. I haven’t had any problems with it since. Kudos to KT Tape for making something that actually works as advertised! It definitely took the strain off so I could heal up better!

I know this is a lot to swallow because I’ve been lax in making posts, but I feel like I’ve been busy so there you have it.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Jessy says:

    How random, I just tried the chocolate shakeology last week, a guy at work, his wife is a beach body coach. Unfortunately I didnt like the taste of it. And I liked it even less after I saw the price. =(
    Hope it works out for you! The woman I talked to lost an additional 16 pounds by adding it to her dietary routine.
    Im so impressed with your lifestyle changes! You’re my hero! =D

    • Mike says:

      Yeah the Shakeology is pretty pricey and I’ve given myself 2 months to see any results and I am just a week in and am starting to see the numbers go down. I also have upped my physical activity as well though so I’m not sure if it is one or the other or a combination.

      Thanks Jessy..I’m no hero, but I do wear spandex :). The change hasn’t been easy, but after you get into a routine it is hard to break. We humans are creatures of habit and need structure.

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