Okay so we went, the wife and I, on vacation for 6 days to Florida and there are definitely things that I learned about my eating habits, my determination, my inability to float, and my not knowing where I want to live.

First things first…me along with the rest of the world probably has problems keeping things, eating habits, under control while on vacation. I definitely had a difficult time trying to keep the food choices that I had available within the acceptable range calorie-wise. Even though I made decent choices some days, on others I definitely indulged. When you have great company and a reason to party then you might as well enjoy yourself.  I enjoyed myself greatly and ate and drank like a beast. When I got back the scale definitely told the story of +10 lbs and that made me sad. I’ll update more on that later.

My determination…so I mentioned above that I gained 10 lbs while on vacation (I actually ran and worked out 2 or 3 of the 6 days we were gone). Well the sad part about that is that could have been weight that I didn’t have to lose AGAIN, but I put myself in that position. Well the first day back in Arizona we got in at 9:30ish PM and then had to pick up the dog and drive back to our home. We got in at 2:30ish AM and then had to go to work that day (Thursday). I went into work did my duties and then went to the gym. I ran, walked, row machined, and elliptical-ized and I also caught the tail end of a group road ride which ended at Chipotle. This was definitely a rough day and I think I over did it and I paid for it in how I felt the next day(Friday). Since I tried a little too hard the day after was a rest day. I went on a road ride (Saturday) and it was a hot one out, but I went farther on SR 82 than I had previously…16 miles out and 16 back. It was a challenging ride for me but I endured even with some of the hills that made me wimp out and go to my lowest gear (granny). Today (Sunday) I went on a mountain bike ride with some friends from work and it was a nice ride with pretty good weather (17-18 miles total). After all of that, I am back down to my pre-vacation weight, and I am proud of it :). Now back to losing fat and gaining muscle!

One of the other things that I learned while on vacation is that weight loss makes you find out some weird things. I have swam pretty much my entire life and been able to float for all of it. I found out that I CAN NOT FLOAT and this is the weirdest thing to me. In my past, I taught children to float with various techniques with about a 90% success rate. When I try to float on my back my legs sink along with my butt and back. Even with my lungs at full capacity and arms extended above my head…no floaty. When I try to float on my stomach, jelly fish float, I tend to sink below the surface. I feel like a different person now just by this one change. I like the way…  am beginning to like how my body looks more so than before, but with something as trivial as floating not being possible it is sort of defeating. I guess I’ll just have to have more pool time to try and cure my lack of buoyancy.

Here comes the hard part for me…not really knowing where I want to live. I like AZ, and I like FL but for completely different reasons. AZ – I get to do outdoorsy things that I didn’t do in FL like mountain biking (in actual mountains) and road riding (with actual real climbs…etc). I just feel like I lead a healthier life in AZ. FL – I have my friends and family and that means a lot to me and the wife. I definitely lead a more social life when in FL which is pretty lacking in AZ. All-in-all this leads me to have some internal battle issues because of me not really knowing which I should choose. I could probably adopt both types of life in one spot or the other and I will have to choose at some point.

Highlights from the trip:
Walking on the beach at night
Partying with friends and family
Eating at places that we can only do in FL
Spending a him & her only ultra chill night with the wife while eating in and enjoying wine and champagne

I want to visit more places and go on more vacations to see more of this country and others. Hopefully time will allow as well as $.

Here is to leading a better life both physically and socially! Have a great week…


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