It seems the more weight that I lose, the more “grindy” my ribs become on the left side.

I’m not sure if I can totally contribute the grindyness to the weight loss, but this is definitely something that I didn’t experience a few months ago when I started my journey.

Essentially what happens is when I walk, it tends to grind due to the motion of my hips or something. It seems like either my ribs are grinding against one another, (probably the floating ribs) and causing me some sort of concern.

Do you have any issues or problems that you’ve had due to weight loss? Floppy skin, shrinking feet (width wise), inability to be proficient at things you were before like putting…those are just a few that I have heard of that are associated with a large amount of weight loss.

Just as an update, I’m down 53 lbs since I started back in Feb. I have been embracing different types of exercise which seems to be allowing me to make progress where I couldn’t before. The weight training seems to be firming some things up especially in my arms.  I’ve been embracing the rowing machine at the gym here where I work. I flexed for the wife, and she was like…NICE heh…that made me feel pretty good. She also said that my butt is shrinking. I can’t do much about that, but I’m glad that it is going because it is weird to be a big bootied male.

This weekend looks like I’m flying solo and maybe I’ll actually pull the trigger and go on the group ride that I’ve been passing up repeatedly. I would like to go out to Patagonia Lake and do some kayaking as well. I haven’t ever done it before and it seems that it would be a great upper body work out that could give me some additional tone while burning calories in a cardio type fashion. I contribute the strength and reshaping of my quads/hamstrings to the cycling and the repetition that it gives. Kayaking could be the same for my upper body, and I want to give it a shot!!

Just as an update to people who don’t know where I am, I am in the Sierra Vista Arizona area where a fire has been burning for about 2 weeks now. This fire, Monument, has recently gotten National coverage due to the impact it could/has had on the local population. Good news is that even though there were homes lost, there were no lives lost due to the fires. The majority of the evacuations that took place have been rescinded.

I also have been working with my company to start a wellness program, so that is pretty awesome in itself. I don’t want all of the changes in my life to go back to the way they were, and I hope that people can be inspired by me and others in their journey to get healthy(er). I want to help any way that I can and to have the backing from my company really says a lot about who I work for.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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