Okay so I’m sitting here at home and I’m starting to get a little bit of the crazies. I’ve been out doing something pretty much every day this week. It has either been riding or to church or wherever.

I’ve surfed as much of the internets that I feel like I can take, and I’ve played as much video games as I feel like I can…and now I guess I’m blogging from boredom.

I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do today, but maybe I’ll head up to Tucson and just fiddle fart around up there. I’m not trying to spend much or any money because it isn’t really necessary. I guess I could try to true the rear wheel on my mountain bike and repair the ghost flat on Lacie.

Erika told me that she was here yesterday while I was at church and Lacie’s rear tire went flat. She said it sounded like water running and the bike shifted a few times and then settled.

I guess I met a new road biking buddy this past Friday. I was coming home from my ride and I saw this guy doing the walk of shame. I stopped to talk to him and ask if he needed any assistance or a spare tube or whatever and he told me no. He was just a block from home and was walking home to repair the flat. We got to talking and we talked about my bike, his bike and how he’s looking to buy a bike that costs $8,000. Around here that doesn’t seem that uncommon because people seem to have more money than common sense. He told me how he commutes to work every day and he’s training for a marathon coming up here soon.

There is a sprint triathlon coming up and it sort of piqued my interests. I’ve always wanted to do one and the sprint distance doesn’t seem to intimidating. I still don’t like the running portion, but I feel like I could make due. I guess that would require me training to run. Any time I run any distance it seems like my quads are going to explode for two days afterward. I know there are running techniques and things you can do to make your running more efficient and pretty. I may have to look into it, because maybe I’m just beating myself up trying to run “improperly.”

Mountain bike ride went well on Saturday morning and I didn’t take a nose dive like I did the week prior. Something really gross was that one of the scabs got all squishy and pretty much fell off. Now It has to re-heal because when it fell off it left a hole where it used to be. I definitely like the social aspects of mountain biking because I’m still doing all of my road riding alone. My gearing isn’t functioning properly on the mountain bike so I feel like I may try to fix it myself or just take it in and see what the shop can do. When I first tried out clipless pedals, it was on the mountain bike and I biffed it bad. I fell to the drive side and bent the NONREPLACEABLE (lame :() derailleur hanger. I used some pressure and a hammer to bang it back into place, or where I thought it was, but I don’t think that was enough. I only have probably 6 functioning gears on the bike and I can’t get into my granny gear so I have to hike-a-bike a good bit. I like the fear factor that I get when mountain biking also. Its just so easy to get the adrenaline up because of the descents and the speed while going over not so smooth terrain! Either way I figure that it is good cross training for the road for bike handling and confidence!

I’ll try and figure out something to do because if I don’t then I believe I will go crazy. I don’t see how people deal with extremely long winters and that whole “seasonally affected disease” thing that they have in places where the weather stinks for half of the year or so.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and no cabin fever!


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