Okay so I went on a ride on Tuesday, and I totally forgot to blog about it.

So essentially it was a really windy day (not really that bad) and I decided to go on a short ride. I went for right around 14 miles…or atleast that was the plan 7 out 7 back. I was keeping up a decent average pace ~15mph out and then about the same coming back. I got about 3/4 of a mile from home and I got a flat. Generally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this is where it gets interesting…

I don’t change that many flats, and I am in no shape, form, or fashion, a professional at it…actually this is my first flat since I got my road bike. So I wrestle the tire and tube off of the rim and go on about putting the new replacement tube on and then mounting the tire back onto the rim. I pumped a little air into it to give it shape to make it easier. I get the tire and the tube on and then I start to pump it up all the way. When I’m about where I want to be pressure wise, I go to take the pump off of the valve stem…..CRACK SNAP BREAK…the valve stem head piece ends up inside my pump. I fished the valve stem out of the pump and proceeded to take the tire and now broken valve stem tube off of the rim. I start the process over and I get it all set back up mounted it onto the bike and just about at pressure and I go to take it off…BAM SNAP CRACKLE POP..I just broke the other valve stem.

So here I am on the side of the road sad, depressed, unhinged…all sorts of words could describe how I was feeling…and now I make the decision to call it quits for that day. I couldn’t patch the flat because it was along the seam on the inside of the tube. I call the wife and have her come pick me and the bike up and just go home. When the wife gets there, I forgot that I took my bike rack out so I had to take off the front wheel and fit my bike into my back seat.

I didn’t have a good day that day, so when I got home after all of the additional pride hurting and sadness, I put my trainer wheel and tire onto the bike to prep it for a trainer session the next day.

The next day (Wednesday) I went down to the bike shop and got them to replace the tube that cracked down the seam (which was free) and I purchased two new tubes for spares. Hopefully I won’t have to use either of those. I don’t know if I was strongarming the two with the broken valve stems, but I hope to never get a flat again if it is going to be like that!!!


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