So yeah been doing the P90x, and it is getting a little better for me.

I took the liberty on day 7 of actually doing what they said and taking a break and I really feel like I needed it. Probably the most interesting workout that I’ve done since my last p90x update was the kenpo-x. The only exercise I can equate it to is probably Tae-Bo. It gave a good sweat but possibly the easiest because its kicks and punches the whole time.

On a brief side note, while I’m typing this blog my wife is using the dremel to get rid of some of the old dry dead skin from off the bottom of my feet. It definitely works pretty well. It is almost like a manly pedicure sort of thing.

Today was shoulders and chest or whatever and tomorrow is my favorite PLYOMETRICS (the bane of my existence).

Lacie is at the spa getting a pedicure herself…wheelset came in and casette getting installed at the local bike shop! I feel like I’m going through withdrawls without my bike, but I’m trying to stay active either way. Hopefully I’ll get my bike back soon!

Have a great week..we’re half way done with the work week…yup yup!


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