Okay so I went on a ride today and set out to set a personal distance record. I went 40.07 miles today. I basically rode up to the interstate from my house and back.

The ride up was definitely a lot better than the ride back. I think I was averaging between 15-18mph going out and then like 10-12 coming back. Everything just was on point on the way out, felt good, had good speed, cadence was up, and the hills didn’t seem as rough as usual. I stopped up near the interstate and got some food from A&W and it was good because I was feeling hungry! On the way back, it was like the wind wouldn’t stop. It was a constant blow with higher speed gusts and definitely wears a person out. There may not have been a smile on my face on the way back, due to suffering, but there was on the way out. I stopped several times on the way back, but only 1 on the way out for a water break and to stretch out a bit.

I saw one tandem and another solo rider on the way out to I-10. The tandemists were coming out of Kartchner Caverns, and that is where I actually stopped but on the opposite side of the road. They had a sweet looked like a custom tandem with an orange and yellow paint scheme. The stoker on the tandem waved, and I waved back :).  I gave the solo rider the head nod and he gave me the same as we passed one another. I like the bond that it seems that non-jerk cyclists have with one another. It is akin to motorcycle riders doing their left hand wave thing every time they pass another moto.

Temp – mid 80s
Skies sparsely cloudy but kind of a lot for here with some sun beams
Wind – cross/side wind on the way out, and headwind of destruction on the way back (not really sure how that works)

Trip distance – 40.07
Trip time – 3:03:03 (weird…it must be a sign!)
Avg speed – 13.13 (the ride back killed my avg)
Avg cadence – 75
Max speed – 26.94

No P90x tonight, just relaxed on the couch with the wife. I wasn’t feeling up to it honestly. I’ve been feeling the need for a rest. Just a bit run down from all of this new found physicality.

One more day of weekend! Enjoy it to the max.


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