So I went on a short ride today just to loosen my legs up a bit. I attempted to avoid any hill climbs and also just took it pretty easy except for sprinting down the street coming home.

I was actually maintaining a 15mph+ pace on the way out, but on the way back the cross winds were extra brutal and I don’t know if that slowed me down or what.

Temperature -low 80s
Sun  – out and kissing me all over my carmello body!
Wind – out slight side wind 8-10mph gusts, back crosswind 8-10mph constant it felt like

Trip distance – 10.37
Trip time – 0:44:04
Avg speed – 14.13
Avg cadence – 76
Max speed – 28.75

After I got home from the bike ride, I made dinner for myself and the wife. On the menu was turkey tacos (made with ground turkey). It was pretty good, but I’m definitely used to the extra “juice” aka fat from ground beef when making tacos. The turkey tacos just seemed overly dry. Even though it was dry and well…different, it was filling and served the purpose of putting food in my belly.

After dinner…..YOGA X – P90X

I don’t know if yoga is an acronym for something, but it is probably means you totally weren’t prepared for the difficulty and the feelings of what I have in store for you!

I had done a little yoga before on some video that was on live streaming on Netflix, but it was actually really easy in comparison to the Yoga X on P90X. Some of the moves definitely let me know that I’m not nearly as flexible as I should be, but as things progress it will come. Don’t let yoga fool you into thinking that just anyone can do it without difficulty, sweat, or determination. This stuff is hard. The workout was 1 hour 30 minutes, and I completed 40 minutes of it. I feel like I let myself down, but I just wasn’t ready for the wrath of yoga.  I’ll definitely have to mentally prepare myself for the destruction that is yoga.

If you’re having good weather, get out of the house and go enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. So true. Yoga is not just a sissy exercise for trippy hippies. I taught a form of barre called Pure Barre many of my friends who only do p90x or crossfit thought it would be easy for them, and when I put them in just a few of our positions that we do in a 55 minute class I had them shaking and burning faster than they could believe. We do a lot of yoga like stretching to elongate our muscles as well.

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