I am a chronic dentist visitor apparently. Things that phase most other people do not really phase me when it comes to the dentist.

I have had 2 root canals, 2 crowns, 10+ cavities filled, wisdom teeth pulled, superficial, deep, and mega deep cleanings. I was a bad boy and didn’t visit the dentist for over 10 years and now I paying for it.

Today I am getting a mega deep cleaning so that I can help fight periodontal disease. I have been doing the flossing, mouth washing, and flossing as prescribed. I still am sitting in the dentist’s chair. I wish I could just have a healthy mouth and not have to come back except for checkups.

Maybe one day soon I will be done with this mess. I want it to be done. It helps to have a good dentist that seems like they care and don’t want to see you as much as you don’t want to see them.

At least no cavities the last time I visited.

As a side note, I am really hungry, but because my mouth is all numb, I will not be able to eat when I am done.


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