Yeah went on a bike ride today.

Temperature – Low to Mid 60s
Cloudiness – Sparse puffy ones like Kirby
Wind – Tailwind going out…strong headwind coming home (constant 8-10mph..majorly annoying)

Lacie and I embarked on a journey into town today. Went down SR 90 S. into Sierra Vista. Along the way you can see various sights and such. On the left you have the Huachuca City Library, Police station,  Dusk Til Dawn (strip joint), and various other establishments. After Huachuca City you’ve got a couple of miles with some climbs that a brief in comparison to others in the area. Then you keep going and on the right you’ll pass the Sierra Vista Municipal airport. If you blink you’ll miss the turn off for that road. Then after that you pass some of Ft. Huachuca on the right and then enter into Sierra Vista proper. This town is definitely established around the fort. If it weren’t for the fort, like many military towns, it probably wouldn’t exist.

I felt pretty good on the ride and enjoyed a different route for my ride. I don’t like snot…when I ride I get an abundance of it, and it never goes away. I had a little bit of shoulder discomfort with a bit of numbness in the hands. I didn’t get a proper fit on this bike when I bought it, so I may take it to the shop where I bought it or one of its sister stores to have them do me up right. I have a feeling it may require me to get a slightly shorter stem. If I do, then I’ll get it from the interwebs and have them install it at a later date.

Trip distance – 21.23mi
Trip time – 1:31:37
Avg speed – 13.9mph
Avg cadence – 74
Max speed – 27.85mph


So as stated, I would try out the good ‘ol P90X with the wife. She did her workout before I got home, and then I went out on the bike ride and came home ate and started my P90X. I made the wife leave the room because I didn’t want her to see me jiggling about from whatever exercises were to be done.  She stated that we were to take pictures at day 1, 30, 60, and 90 as a part of the tracking of how well you’re progressing. When it gets to day 90 then I’ll post all of my pictures to show the world what a disaster I was and hopefully what a studlyER man I have become.

Today’s workout included back and shoulders which was okay, but it incorporated a bunch of push ups. I can’t really do too many push ups because my upper body is weak and also very heavy from the rest of my mass.  Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade to multiple standard push ups opposed to the kneeling push ups that I’m currently doing. After the back and shoulders workout, there was Ab Ripper X.

Ab Ripper X is probably what most like to call torture. I definitely got a good burn from the various types of crunches and core work that was done. Probably the most frustrating of the exercises dealt with lifting your lower body (legs) off of the ground while doing some sort of other crunch type action. My legs are crazy heavy and holding them up was a challenge within itself.

Tomorrow I don’t know what the next workout will be, but I don’t know if I’ll cut out the ride or try to work in a swim or something.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some different things, but P90X day 2 and some sort of other activity for my fitness will be incorporated as well!

As for now…sleepy time…good night all!


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