So I guess that one thing that I have learned throughout this whole change of lifestyle dealy bob is that you MUST watch what you put into your mouth (no weird jokes).

Thinking that when you eat out at a restaurant that you’re “eating healthy” is probably just marketing jargon that means it isn’t as bad as the other things on the menu, but it is horrible still for you.

I have started to track what I’m eating using one of those calorie and exercise type trackers. I am using the Livestrong app. It is pretty cool, but one of the things that I don’t like about it is that it actually doesn’t have a great search feature. If you type “bike” or “bicycle” you get no results. You must typing in bicycling or “bicyc” and you’ll find some of the results that you desire.

Dealing with losing weight is just terrible because all of the hard work that you do can be spoiled by just something as a great care-free weekend hanging out with friends. You can even ruin it by just slumming around not really paying attention to what you’re eating.

So I have to say it so that it is know…my name is Mike and I LOVE FOOD! I just want to try and make the smartest decisions that I can while still being satisfied with what I’m eating flavor wise.

I don’t think I’ll go vegetarian again or vegan, but consuming foods that aren’t as processed and have loads of preservatives in them is probably a good place to start. I think the hippy-dippy term for it is eating “RAW”…ah that makes me think of Eddie Murphy!

I spent some quality time on the bike last night on the trainer and the same goes for today. About 35-45 minutes each time. I find it amazing how BORING, even while watching a movie, the trainer can be. I was watching “Breaking Away” which is a cycling movie about the kids from the poor side of town and one in particular who idolizes the Cinzano Italian cycling team. Long story short…underdogs, realization that your heroes aren’t who you thought they were, and sprinkled with some deception about who you really are to a girl that seems to like you.

1:30 – jump rope
:15 transition
1:30 – crunches on yoga peanut
:15 transition
1:30 – jumping jacks
:15 transition
1:30 – pushups (anyway I can get em done…kneeling…decline on yoga peanut)
:15 transition
5:00 – walk around the house

Did that twice ENGAGE SWEAT MODE!

Hope to keep up with the food diary/journal thing and we’ll see how that goes. I guess if you really keep track of what is going into your mouth (tee hee hee) then you will have to pay attention to it because it is being tracked.

Side note…the wife brought up to me that she wanted to try the P90x videos that we have sitting around. I did some a while back and it definitely is something that’ll kick your butt hard core! Its cool that she wants to do it, and even though I’m doing my bike thing and other exercises it’ll be good to spend some time sweating….nevermind I can see where this might lead minds to think… P90x the main instructor is kind of a tool..for lack of a better term!

Have a great week!


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