More riding today…went and rode up to Kartchner again and even though today’s wind was a bit worse than it was the last time I went up there, I actually improved on my round trip time as well as my avg speed.

Mid to upper 60s
Sunny sparse clouds
Wind – constant 8-10mph with gusts up to 20ish

Pretty heavy for mid day on a Saturday.

Trip distance – 21.62
Trip time – 1:25:21
Avg speed – 15.19
Avg cadence – 79
Max speed – 30.57

My overall mindset was pretty good and I felt really good on this ride. I only stopped twice…once at the half way point, and another to switch the water bottles from empty in the front to the back.

I did some other fitness type stuff after I went into town and ran some errands and grabbed some lunch (pollo asado salad!).

Resistance Bandoids heavy&light:
From the top of the door…
2×20 rep triceps pull down
2×20 rep arm extension (like making a muscle with your palm facing away from you)
2×40 rep chest press

Using my feet to hold the bands steady…
2×20 rep biceps curls
2×20 pull up to shoulder (like reverse pumping a bike tire)
2×20 shoulder shrugs backward
2×20 shoulder shrugs forward

Oh well, off to shower and go to Church. Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend and a great night!

Hopefully more riding tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go up past Kartchner and go even farther into Benson.


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  1. Dude, I’m loving your commitment to keeping this blog! I dropped the bomb on some clipless pedals this morning. Its been raining here, so I’ve not been out on them yet, but the practice on the trainer is feeling good thus far.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks man, I try to keep it updated. I type pretty quickly too so that doesn’t hurt.

      Clipless is pretty cool, just beware of falling to the side that you don’t unclip from. Be sure starting out to unclip both sides or you’ll do what I did just plop to one side and feel like a dumb dumb.

      One thing that I did notice about this wordpress iPhone app is that when you are typing a bunch, it doesn’t keep up with your progress down the page in landscape mode. That is pretty lame in my book.

      Have fun with your clipless, and be careful!

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