Went for another run/walk today, and I actually beat my time for the distance that I ran on Sunday.

That is good, but I feel like running is the devil. It makes you breathe like a beast, pounds on your joints, and makes your feet hurt…and by your I mean mine. Even though all of that may be true, it still is a necessary evil. Since running is a weight bearing exercise, it is highly effective at burning calories.

I did the interval walk 1:30 and run for 1:00 and it turned out to be the following…even with me walking at the end to get home…

2.65 mi in 38:48 which is about a minute slower, overall, than the 2.5mi I did on Sunday…I did more distance though so yeah! Take that Mr…concrete under my feet, smashing my soles in.

Got my sweat on and then shower on. Now it is time to get my sleep on.

I’m thinking about entering a duathlon that they’re having on post…I’ll have to think about that though. 2mi run 10 mi bike 2mi run… I guess I could register and just see how it works out. I’ll have to think about it :).



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