So yeah today we had a freak snow flurries that stuck around for an hour or more that dumped between 1 and 1.5 inches of snow on my area. The snow meant no riding with Lacie, so I decided that I better still get out and do something either way to keep my physicality on point.

What I did today was a bootlegged version of Couch to 5k, but I did it with an interval timer for my iPhone. I warmed up walking for 5 minutes then walked for 1:30 ran for 1:00 the alternating running and walking was for 30 minutes. According to my Nike+ GPS app, I went 2.5 miles total for my workout. I am pretty proud of myself because I HATE to run with a passion. I know I’m no marathoner, but I am proud because for me running is torture. I know it is great exercise so I endured and didn’t give up.

After I my walk/run, I got home showered, picked up the wife from home spent some time and then did some other stuff.

In House Training (done with resistance bands…etc):
20 reps biceps x2
20 reps triceps x2
20 reps shoulder shrugs x2
20 reps back/lats pull bands up to chest like pumping a tire x2
20 reps pull down (row style) x2
20 crunches on yoga ball

I feel like I had a productive day today even though the weather wasn’t optimal.

Tomorrow I’ll try and take Lacie out and put some miles on her. I am definitely not a fan of the weather here lately. It kinda sucks for being outside and riding with the wind and cold.

I figure that my lower body gets enough work with the cycling and or running so I want to put in some work up top to keep it balanced and strong.

I think tomorrow it will be bike, jump rope, squats, and maybe jumping jacks. I’ll do 1 min per jump rope, squats, and jumping jacks for 12 minutes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Tomorrow is back to the GRIND! Have a productive and healthy week!


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