Been doing my thing over the past week trying to come back down after a roller coaster of a weekend last weekend. I definitely did a lot of damage but I’m pretty much back down to where I was before the bad eating, drinking, and being pretty lazy last weekend.

Good news was I actually got Lacie fixed in Scottsdale at Landis Cyclery. The guys there were super nice and got the job done and didn’t charge me an arm, leg, and a sexual favor like another shop wanted to. They have earned a customer, now I just wish they had one where I lived!

I am glad to be back on the horse and out riding again. I am actually doing some cross-training if you will. I’m doing crunches, skipping rope, push ups, squats, resistance bands, and back raises (on the yoga ball lift torso up backwards towards ceiling laying on stomach).

I’ve definitely been trying really hard not to eat out at fast food or otherwise lately. If I do, I try to make smarter choices. I think that the the hardest part about this whole life-change…diet…whatever…is self-control. Knowing that I love eating different awesome HORRIBLE for you stuff and actually having access to it makes life difficult.

I have upped my fruit intake and even bought some veggies to eat as well. I cooked for the wife the other night. Steak, broccoli, and zucchini was on the menu.

I have also been attempting to eat more small meals throughout the day so that I can boost my metabolism.

How do you curb your hunger? Do you eat what you want and just exercise like a mad person? Do you eat whatever you want and just have great genes and don’t gain weight? There are a whole bunch of questions that can be asked about this of course.

Rise Above It All…Keep The Faith…Go Hard And Go Big!


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