Went out today, and I went for a brief ride.

Today was a day that reminded me of The Wizard of Oz. It was probably the most windy day that I’ve experienced since we moved out here. Some 15+mph headwinds were what I was battling on the 40 minutes that I actually did ride with gusts up to 30+. Apparently we’re having a Winter storm with big wind and such.

I don’t know how to deal with such strong headwinds. It just drains me so bad. I wanted to quit so I did as much as I felt I could and then turned around and went back to the car and then to home.

I rode around Ft. Huachuca today which is a military base near where I live. I rode there because I felt like I wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of traffic, which I didn’t, and thought that there wouldn’t be much wind (WRONG). Where I wanted to go there was too much wind, and where I actually rode there was a little less so I dealt.

I guess any day on the bike is better than off.

On a side note, I almost fell over but managed to unclip right at the last moment. I have fallen before with sad results. I bloodied my knee and bent my derailleur hanger. HORRAY for keeping it on two wheels today in poopy conditions!

Lacie got her new saddle, and it is much better than the previous. I may have to adjust the fore/aft position because I am not putting as much power to the pedals as I was before. Oh well better than a hurting bottom!



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  1. On thursday we had sustained winds of 30-35 mph, that sucks! The good thing is that it makes for a better workout, but I would still pass on the wind if I had my choice.

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