Had a weird dream today.

Me and the wife were going to a formalish type dinner with a sorts of military dignitaries. So we were all gathered outside to hear the singing of the national anthem. So some Asian woman steps up to the mic and starts singing some weird upbeat autotuned club song ala Low by Flo-Rida.

I obviously was enjoying the song, but no one other than the wife was. So I got up on stage and was dancing with the lady to try and convince her that she was not singing the right song. When I was up on stage people kept looking at my crotch because I had a climbing gear rigging type thingy on around my junk apparently it makes it mega huge and stare-worthy.

So weird… I don’t remember it all, but definitely a strange one!! This may have been influenced by watching Inception again yesterday. Maybe someone was designing my dreams and I was filling it with my subconscious :).


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