So I am in unfamiliar territory up here in Phoenix…..

I left my buddy’s house and went out on a ride this morning with my new Pearl Izumi bib shorts seeking out a good ride and a bike shop that could fix my broken bolt in my water bottle mount. The bibs are great they stay up and don’t have my crack hanging out! They fit better and are just better so take that ERIKA! The wife didn’t know why I wanted bibs so bad. I heard great things about them and all that I heard was great!

What had happened was, I was taking the bolt out to install my mini pump mount and SNAP!! My heart just sank.

Anywho I went to the place where I bought the bike and they didn’t have the tools to fox it but they did recommend a place that might have the tools required to do the job. They sent me to Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale. The shop is nice the staff is nice and the quote for price seemed reasonable. Now I can wait call for a ride or do what I like to do…eat wings!

I have decided to wait at least long enough to grab some food. This place os right across from Bicycle Ranch so it is very conveniently placed for the bolt fixin! I am at Streets of New York Passion in Scottsdale. Instead of getting fried wings, I am getting baked “honey hot” because I like honey and I like hot! Hopefully they are good!

Hopefully the bike will be done soon so I can finish my ride and meet up with the besties!


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