“Its all about the benjamins” – Diddy Dirty Money

LOL so tonight was a swim night for me. I went and did my thing, and I felt a lot better than I did on my first swim. I think things are coming back together.

I talked to my former high school swim coach (Kathy) about some swim workouts, and I’m waiting for her to send them to me. I think I need to pick up some paddles, kick board, and pull buoy (I spell that word wrong every time). I’m excited to see what she has in store for me and I want to see if I can challenge myself to surpass my swimming status while in HS.

I also asked her about SCUBA classes for when I may possibly visit. I’ve been wanting to get certified for a long time and never really took time to do it! Kathy is co-owner of The Scuba Station based out of Fernandina Beach FL. Diving is something that she’s been doing for many years and is really passionate about it! Hopefully when I visit home, I can sneak in a class and get my PADI SCUBA cert on!

If you swim…why do you swim? For me personally I do it because I love it and it has been a part of me for a very long time! If you don’t know how to swim, why not? I taught swimming lessons for a number of years, and it is staggering the amount of people that grow up around water do not know how or refuse to know how to swim.

Swimmy Swimmy…probably blog tomorrow!


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