So I went for another ride today. I had a good time. Definitely was another windy day today. Today was probably the worst day so far as far as wind goes. It was blowing me all over and I had a hard time keeping things on two wheels.

I think my rear is finally getting used to being on the bike again. I had little to no squishy bits pain.

Some ride stats from today:
Trip distance – 14.02 mi
Trip time – 1:02:49
Cadence – still need to demoing sensor magnet
Avg. speed – 13.41mph
Max speed – 29.97mph

I really don’t know what to do about the wind. I mean hopefully there will be some days coming up here soon that will be less windy. Still had a good time though. I think that it is strange going through border patrol on a bicycle.

As a side note for a snack tonight I had some leftover steamed broccoli and it was pretty awesome!

Plans for tomorrow are run/walk or swimming! I feel like I am on a good track this week to drop some lbs! I feel like JT bringing sexy back!!

Please forgive any typos I did this on my iPhone.


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  1. erikaway says:

    I understand that we are coming up into the windy season with gusts up to and over 50mph. I know that is not good news for you but I have heard that the spring here is very windy!

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