Before today’s ride I had to stop by my local bike shop and pick up a new floor pump. Its pretty boss because it works much better than my cheapo Wal-mart bell floor pump. It is a Serfas floor pump with a lifetime warranty and pumps up to 160psi. I also picked up some chamois butter for my soft bits to avoid irritation from friction/sweat!

So today’s weather was pretty near perfect. It was in the 70s when I got off work so I decided to hop on the bike and go a quick ride before it got dark.

There are lots of roads in my area that go on for miles and miles with low to heavy traffic depending on time of day. I took AZ SR 90 to AZ SR 82 towards Tombstone. Traffic was really light and that makes me happy because I’m not a fan of people zipping by me at 65+ MPH. The ride felt good and I feel like the chamois butter helped. One of the bad things about going the direction I did on 82 is that I had a tail wind on the way out. Typically tail wind is good, but the bad thing about coming back was the head wind! It definitely blows pretty hard out here from time to time and today was about 8-10 MPH gusts I’d estimate.

I rode for 30 mins turned around decided to head home because it was getting closer to dark so I didn’t get to go as long as I wanted it. I feel like the chamois butter helped a good bit. It definitely took away some of the pain that I was experiencing with friction in my soft manly bits area!

Some pics from the ride taken with my iPhone (sorry for the quality):

To Infinity and Beyond!


Off in the distance...

Ride Stats:
Trip Distance – 12.64 mi
Trip Time – 53:04
Cadence – N/A (I need to remount my cadence magnet onto my crank arm)
Avg Speed – 14.18 mph
Max Speed – 27.68 mph (this was on a flat on the way home)

Hope to go on a ride tomorrow!


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  1. Sounds like things are going well out your way! Hopefully we get to ride together in the future?!

  2. erikaway says:

    Glad to see pics from your ride! I never really know where you have gone until you get back 🙂

    • Mike says:

      You know what they say about curiosity and the cat! JK, I’ll take breaks and drink some water or whatever and I took the opportunity to take some pictures too. AZ is very brown so I think unless it is something cool I might keep the pics to a minimum.

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