So…today is (was) Valentine’s day, and it could also be known as Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

I know that a lot of people hate today for one reason or another but all-in-all it isn’t really a bad day.

It makes you put forth that extra effort to make someone in your life smile. I am glad that I am fortunate blessed enough to have my wife Erika in my life to share days like today and everyday with. I may not do something extra special everyday, but I do tell her I love her and try to make her feel good about where we stand.

Today I cooked dinner for us and it included the following:
Steak topped with Gorgonzola cheese
Bacon wrapped scallops
Bacon wrapped shrimp
Cheese fondue with sourdough bread and broccoli
Spinach, tomato-basil feta, bacon, and chicken egg rolls (extra yummy)
Fresh baked turtle style cookies (toll house)

We had a good time enjoying the company of one another.

On top of making dinner I got her a card, and she got me a card and Gladiator on blu-ray!! It was awesomeness. We were talking about Gladiator the other day and she knew that I used to have it on VHS (she is thoughtful like that :D).

Hug, kiss, hold, caress the ones that you love. Try to make every moment special and go the extra mile from time to time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. erikaway says:

    Thank you so much for making Valentine’s day extra special! I always get to brag a bit about the wonderful way you treat me but the meals you make on Valentine’s day are always so special! You are an amazing man and the best husband I could ever ask for!

    • Mike says:

      You’re very welcome. Maybe I’ll try to cook something awesome atleast once a month.

      You are amazing as well! I know we don’t work on the brownie points system, so maybe we can work on the cookie points system! I LOVE COOKIES! NOM NOM NOM!


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