So today Lacie and I embarked on out on a journey equipped with some new toys. Bike computer (CHECK) and new mini pump (CHECK).

I left the house, went down AZ SR 90 up to the local bike shop Sun ‘N Spokes where I picked up some new puncture resistant tires & tubes. The guys there are pretty knowledgeable and just genuinely are really nice people.

The trip into town was a killer. There are several large hills that just gave me all sorts of trouble. I stopped several times, but I didn’t quit and turn around to come back home. After my stop at the LBS, I went and grabbed some food and embarked on my journey back home. The way home was much more enjoyable because all of those hills that I had to climb up on the way into town were descents on the way out of town! I got up to 28.5 mph going down the largest hill.

My legs felt good for the majority of the ride, but my “taint” (excuse my crudeness) was feeling the fire! I think I might need some chamois cream or something. Anyone have any good recommendations?

Ride Stats:
Max Speed – 28.58
Trip Distance – 23.13
Total Time – 1:48:08
Avg Speed – 12.84
Avg Cadence – 77

Today was definitely a humbling experience, but I think that things are only going to get better from here.

Maybe next time I’ll wear my HRM to check to see what zones I’m operating in. I love gadgets. It fits my weird techno savvy-ness.

Have a good rest of the weekend!


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